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It seems funny now but early arcade games like Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man were revolutionary. Before video games, pinball, dart, and bowling were the games people choose to play.

Ms. Pac Man was originally developed by MIT students Kevin Curran and Doug Macrae as an add-on to the original Pac Man. However, originally she was not a she.

Crazy Otto was the original game character but was later changed to Ms. Pac Man. Midway was granted permission to release the title from Namco, a Japanese company who originally produced the predecessor.

Back in 1982, I was your typical 11-year-old kid. I had not yet been jaded by the cruel corporate world

I had two loves in life, classic 80s arcade games, and pizza.  Luckily enough, we had a God Father’s Pizza restaurant in the town I grew up in that provided both of these loves to me at the same time.

Godfather’s had a Ms. Pac Man cocktail table. For those younger readers out there, an arcade machine was either a standup or sit-down model. The sit-down models are sometimes called cocktail arcade cabinets.

As a child of the 80s, there was something magical about going to the local arcade and dropping all of my allowance money into my favorite coin-operated arcade games.

There was a show back in the 80s called Silver Spoons staring Ricky Shroder. In the show, Ricky played a rich kid with an arcade in his house. Although he was a fictional character, he was the envy of every kid around my age at that time.

As much as I loved the social aspect of visiting the local arcade, I always dreamed of what it must be like to own my own machine.

Some of my best memories as a child was going out for pizza and video games and playing with my friends. There was always a long line of people waiting their turn to play Ms. Pac Man while others patiently waited and watched.

Part of the fun of watching others was to try and glean some new patterns or strategies to incorporate. And everyone was vying for the high score so they could be hailed as the current champion.

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