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After weeks of teasing, German publisher Queen Games has unveiled the first two titles in its “Stefan Feld City Collection”, a collection that “will be a multi-year project comprised of 8+ games”, according to Queen — “8+” presumably because Feld and Queen have planned out that far, but who knows what he’ll create down the road.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release announcing this series, which will contain “re-implementations of beloved titles previously released, as well as newly-designed titles specifically for the collection”:

Each previously released title is being meticulously re-examined, tweaked, and improved with new gameplay elements, and will include existing expansion material as possible. In addition, these games are being moved to a new setting, which has been carefully chosen and gameplay elements altered to match the setting. Cities will be featured from all over the world, and we consider it important to represent these beloved cities well, showcasing their unique beauty and features. Each game will feature unique artwork from an assortment of well-known artists, but with a similar style to tie them together, including a painstakingly created cityscape panorama that will run across the sides of the boxes.

In the game, players are merchants in Amsterdam near the turn of the 20th century. At the start of the game, two district cards are placed on each of the twelve spaces on the designated board. At the beginning of a round, the next two district cards, as well as two building and two profession cards (each from a deck of 54 of each type) are drawn to form the offer of six cards. Each of these cards has a cost in colored action cubes and grants a new action, special ability, or way to score points. In turn order, each player takes a card from those on offer. Finally, a market card is revealed that allows players to exchange money for victory points on their turn.

Next, the six colored dice are rolled. Each player decides which of the six dice they would like (players may choose the same die), then takes as many action cubes in that color as the number of pips. Players place their new action cubes on their rotatable windrose as many spaces in the future as the number on the dice. Finally, the wheel is spun, so that players gain access to all cubes that were located on the 1 space of their windrose.

Action cubes are used to purchase cards that a player has taken, claim one of the nine types of goods around the city of Amsterdam, and ferry goods or workers through canals to warehouses. Players earn points for delivering their goods, as well as for bonuses on cards they purchase, and the player with the most points at the end of the twelfth round wins.

Queen Games plans to launch a Kickstarter project for these titles on August 18, 2020, with shipping to occur to backers in Q1 2021. Future titles in the “Stefan Feld City Collection” will be launched on Kickstarter in pairs, with the next two titles being New York City (an apparent reimplementation of a previously released title) and Marrakesh, a new design.

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